A Word From the Unwise: Appreciating the Universe

Ryan Glynn/ December 23, 2012/ Personal/ 0 comments

Maybe it’s something about this time of year that puts me in a remorseful mentality. Maybe it’s just the associated memories with the year end and year beginning months that just remind me of how thankful I should be. Over the years I’ve come to realize that while so many words of wisdom are passed down through cliché and non-cliché

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The End of a Chapter

Ryan Glynn/ May 8, 2012/ Personal/ 1 comments

Well, it’s over. My four years as an undergraduate student have finally ended with my graduating from Penn State University with a B.S. in Cyber Security and Intelligence Analysis. It still hasn’t really set in yet. Everything I’ve done in my life, up until this point, has been “education starts again after this break”. Not this time, at least not

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2012: Year of the…. Everything

Ryan Glynn/ February 22, 2012/ Personal/ 0 comments

Wow, it’s been forever since I actually wrote anything here. So much has happened and so much to cover so lets just dive in. Jaw Surgery Update Well it has been about 14 months since I had my jaw surgically broken. The swelling went away halfway through the summer last year, I never made a post about it though because

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The State of the Internet: Losing Net Neutrality

Ryan Glynn/ July 23, 2011/ Personal/ 0 comments

Well, it has been a while. Living in New York City can really drain into your free-writing time. Originally, my next post was going to be about Google+ and the benefits of competition and what it does better/worse than Facebook. However, due to recent news and discussions with people, I decided to switch over to net neutrality. Side-note: Happy 1000th

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Updates Galore!

Ryan Glynn/ June 27, 2011/ Personal/ 0 comments

I have really been slacking here. This post will cover 3 months of crazy news, so I am unsure if I will just be blunt and not write much about each topic. Either way, I guess I will break it down into sub-categories. Jaw Surgery Update So, as with the majority of my blog posts, there is an update with

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Jaw Surgery Update

Ryan Glynn/ May 6, 2011/ Personal/ 0 comments

Well, I am updating this from my surgeons office. It’s been about five months since my lower jaw surgery and I was just informed that the right side of my mouth is not healing and got infected so now I have to get it cut and fixed. This should be interesting.

Final Jaw Surgery Entry

Ryan Glynn/ April 15, 2011/ Personal/ 0 comments

Well hello, it has been a while! Just figured I would update with a 4 month (almost exactly 4 months) update on my swelling after my lower jaw surgery. Below is a recent picture, I apologize for only having a front face view: After this entire process, there were a few annoyances that still exist. One is that I still

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SRA 468 Blog Post

Ryan Glynn/ January 14, 2011/ Personal/ 0 comments

I have quite a lot of motivation to learn in my SRA 468 (Visual Analytics) course this semester. Among the courses I am taking this semester (Arabic 6, Quantitative Political Analytics, Business Writing, and Legal and Regulatory Environment of Information Sciences and Technology) I find that Visual Analytics will be much more exciting and hopefully I will be able to

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