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Ryan Glynn/ January 14, 2011/ Personal/ 0 comments

I have quite a lot of motivation to learn in my SRA 468 (Visual Analytics) course this semester. Among the courses I am taking this semester (Arabic 6, Quantitative Political Analytics, Business Writing, and Legal and Regulatory Environment of Information Sciences and Technology) I find that Visual Analytics will be much more exciting and hopefully I will be able to learn things that will help me for the rest of my life.

In my past SRA courses, I have always tried to visually demonstrate my results in my papers (re: Analysis Papers) however, I feel that after I am done with this class, my ability to visually represent what my papers are trying to get across will be much stronger and they will overall increase the effectiveness of my gathered information. Although I do not know much of what this class entails, I do know that based on what I have seen and been told it will be a very interesting class.

This class entails visually representing data in ways to fully construe the point the person is trying to make. It allows people to greatly improve the way they demonstrate new research findings or statistics that support the main point of their paper or analysis. Especially when most people would rather see a chart or diagram that demonstrates the same thing that reading 5 pages of information does, it becomes also more efficient than the classic “giant block of text” way to write a report.

So overall, I would say my motivation stems from my internal “want” of wanting better ways to make my point in my papers and reports. The more ways I can learn on how to demonstrate my ideas, the more powerful my papers can become.

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