Let’s be real for a moment: security monitoring and SIEM data integrity is a hard job, but somebody has to do it! The applications can be complex, the methods for data ingestion vast, and the process can be long and painstaking. Well I am here to help. I am sharing my knowledge of efficiently operating and maintaining security logging and monitoring infrastructure for SIEMs of various types (Splunk, ELK stack etc.).

On this site you will find 2 blogs:

  • Technical – A blog all about security monitoring applications, operating efficiencies, and various programming endeavors
  • Personal – A blog about my opinions and other non-security/technical posts

If you would like to learn more about me, please take a look at the about page or my resume page. I can be reached via the contact page or through comments on individual blog posts.

Thanks for visiting!


P.S. If you are into non-security data science stuff (if you’re into security related data science you’re at the right website). Then visit my wife’s website at https://www.bellabelanich.com — she also has cool photography and pictures of our pets!


    1. yes, my comment system works?

  1. came for arabic 103.
    Read your interesting blogs.

    i would like to contemplate life
    and comprehend it on a broader scale as well.
    Thought you ought to know

    PS: arabic 2/2+ ??

    1. Thank you! I am glad you read them and enjoyed my posts :).

      As for the Arabic 2/2+, it is a government fluency rating (goes up until 5 on some scales, other scales are maxed at 3). 2/2+ basically means I can hold conversations with native speakers on most general topics but I can not do many advanced conversations.

  2. @Ryan [Site Owner]
    Wish I cd too be at least a 2/2+ :)…wht gt you into arabic anyways?

    1. I took 3 years of German a while back and when I entered into college I didn’t want to continue that language so I tried out Arabic because I was looking into government work as well. I liked the language so I have stuck with it my entire college career. I am testing my new comment notification system so hopefully you are now notified when I reply to your comments.

  3. What did you like about arabic?

    yeah hopefully cz i aint that net savvy.

    Eid Mubarak! (think arabic taught u what is Eid)

    1. The language as a whole is just really interesting! I love how different it is from English, and the way word meanings can be understood from the roots is really cool.

      I am not very good with phonetic typing so I am not sure what that means =/.

  4. Thank you Ryan Glynn.
    Your “Arabic 103” has been very helpful and I have been using it for many years now. Surprising that Windows still does not come with this. Can we use this on Windows 10?

    1. Hi Shipu, sorry for the late reply — I wasn’t getting notifications of comments for some reason this summer. You should be able to use it on Windows 10 though to be honest I haven’t tested it. Please let me know!

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