CinemaRama: A New Commercial Licensing Website for Artists In All Genres– No Signup Fee

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For acting, video, photography, music, lyrics, writing, design, sound, editing—all phases of art that it takes for any production, now there is a central website where artists can showcase their talents, collaborate with others to complete their projects, buy or sell different components—and it costs nothing to sign up and begin on CinemaRama.

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) May 13, 2014

While Ryan Glynn was getting his college degree in Cyber Security at Penn State, he started doing some web design projects for local artists. These projects soon evolved into the opportunity to manage some local rock bands. One of his bands got a contract with a major label, then when success did not come quickly enough they got dropped by the major label. Going through this experience is what started this young entrepreneur’s journey to create a place online for artists to display their talents and buy, sell and collaborate without the obligation to a giant organization’s “formula for success.”

The CinemaRama website recently launched and it is billed as “A Media Hub for Artists, Publishers and Producers.” The vision is for CinemaRama to be a media market for independent artists, a web concentration of talents that can be easily acquired through direct negotiations with the artists themselves. A rock band can find that album cover artist. A videographer can pair his work with the perfect music. Writers and lyricists and composers can display samples of their work to facilitate contact for similar work needed by someone else. Stock images can be bought and sold; designers can answer inquiries directly. No middle man–just the people with the complementary skills collaborating only with each other.

“I built websites for emerging artists and I saw that some situations were the same for them all” said Ryan Glynn, founder and CEO of CinemaRama. “They needed help getting exposure for their particular talent, and they needed help with the process of buying, selling, and contracting. Traditional venues and processes were very expensive. It was the age-old paradox of ‘need it but can’t afford it’”, he explained, and the notion of a website to deal with this issue was born. Glynn was himself an emerging young businessman who had already experienced the lure of venture capital and the lessons there. An influx of outside cash could mean partnership, or was the real goal acquisition? For Glynn, the real goal was all about providing quality service rather than obtaining huge money, as reported in a recent interview published in Forbes. (See Forbes article from February 5, 2014.)

As the outline for the services of CinemaRama came together, then the search for the right web designer began, also with the paradox of ‘need it but can’t afford it.’ Glynn found Mike Wandzilak and Wandzilak Web Design after an internet search. “I was delighted to have the opportunity to design this site,” Wandzilak stated. “Web design is also art, and I’ve been through the strain of creating my art and at the same time working on the marketing and the bookkeeping. Designing CinemaRama has been a positive collaboration because Ryan and I agree absolutely on the mission of the website.”

There is no fee to sign up. The licensing and artist agreements detail that CinemaRama holds no rights to the art uploaded, only the rights to license and sell items on the site. The CinemaRama cut from a sale cannot be more than 20%, and that fee is determined by how much is sold. The more an artist sells, the smaller the cut to CinemaRama.

Ryan Glynn confirms, “Everything in CinemaRama has been tested by artists, and we state at the bottom of the site that every artist is encouraged to contact us, especially if there is a suggestion as to how to make CinemaRama better. Everyone here is intrinsically involved in improving the entertainment industry.”

About CinemaRama

CinemaRama is a concept built around the understanding of all the art forms needed to produce a great film: design, direction, writing, editing, acting, sound, special effects, images, movement, color, music, sets—and the list goes on. Founder Ryan Glynn has created a hub for independent artists to showcase their work for the purpose of buying, selling and collaborating on a larger production through one-to-one communication, rather than through large and heavily regulated conglomerations.

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