Johnny Five – From Hell With Love (Exclusive Download)

Ryan Glynn/ May 15, 2011/ Personal/ 8 comments

About six years ago, I came across Johnny Five’s album “Summer”. The album was great, intelligent lyrics with great instrumentals. About a year later I found his album “Sweet Little Nothing” and loved it as well, at this point I wanted to find out what he is up to, so I go to his myspace and find he released an album “From Hell With Love”. However, everywhere I went, it was nowhere to be purchased. To cut this short, I ended up meeting Jonathan (his real name) through a series of connections, one including his own mother. The dude is exceptionally nice and I was fortunate enough that he mailed me a physical copy of this album. Years went by and Jonathan quit rapping, I started going to his youtube videos again and found people asking for this album, I figured it is something that needs to be done. Johnny is in a new project called Petite Columbo where his lyrics are just as masterful but it is definitely a huge variation in style in comparison to his former rapping self. One day I hope he returns to rapping as Johnny Five was probably one of the best and most underrated rappers this world has ever seen.

I ripped the songs straight from the CD with 320kbs quality, if you wan’t WAV or FLAC feel free to ask (I just didn’t want to crash my server with FLAC downloads). The download link is at the bottom of this post. Feel free to comment on it for questions/comments/concerns.

From Hell With Love – Johnny Five
Album Art:

Track Listing:
1. Classic Beauty
2. Happy Valentine
3. Story of Her Life
4. OuttaMuPrime
5. Fuchsia
6. Get Lost (skit)
7. Dead or Alive
8. Life is Beautiful
9. Young & Hopeful
10. Avalon Heights
11. Cheers Chimmy Chong


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  1. Thanks man. I always loved Johnny’s music since I was a little kid. What’s happened with him? He was actually talented.
    Could I get ‘Summer’ too?

    1. Do you have Sweet Little Nothing as well? Here is summer:

      As for Johnny, he quit rapping. He says he lost his ability to, but honestly I think he just got tired of not being recognized. He plays a lot more calmer music under the name of Petite Columbo you can watch a few of his music videos on youtube — they are also for sale on iTunes and stuff. If you love his lyrics, it will fit but the instrumentals and the style and genre have all changed drastically.

  2. WHAT?! Is it J-Five?? He was like an idol to me when I was younger (I live in Spain). I remember I had ‘Modern Times’ music video in VHS and I watched it over and over again. He was way better than Asher Roth, Mac Miller and all of those new era white rappers who are worldwide stars now.
    Honestly, I though the same when I left the music a few years ago and now I came back recording. Never say never. He was a huge influence on me. Is there anyway I could get in contact with him?
    I don’t got ‘sweet little nothing’ but It’s in youtube so I can listen it, if you send me it too I’ll be thanksfully. Thanks for ‘Summer’.
    Tell Johnny (if you can) that he was at least recognized by a boy from a little village of the east cost of Spain with big dreams.

    1. Helder, It really is a shame. Unfortunately, after he told me he quit, he stopped all communication with me and stopped updating any of his rap pages. Here is Sweet Little Nothing, these albums used to be on iTunes but apparently he removed them from there too. I really wish he hadn’t.

  3. I was the producer on From Hell With Love with Johnny. It was never released but its one of my favorite things I have ever worked on. Glad at least a few people got to hear it.

    1. Looking through old music and Summer came up. One of my favorite albums. Still dope and I’ve looked online to see what he’s up to now and found this page which has the most info on this guy. There are some comments on youtube on his vids that are saying he died in a car crash some time ago? I can’t find any news on that anywhere, but that really sucks if it’s true. Anyway, can’t believe the links to the other two albums still work hah so I really appreciate you uploading that. Gonna try and find some of his music on vinyl, hopefully they pressed some of his stuff.

      1. He’s alive and well (he and I are friends on Facebook). I don’t think he makes music anymore though :(

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