Jaw Surgery Update

Ryan Glynn/ December 18, 2010/ Personal/ 1 comments

This post will go from the day before surgery, to the first few days after surgery.

Pre-surgery Me:

Right after surgery:

A few days later:

The last picture is 3 days after surgery, which I am told is the height of swelling. One can hope, cause right now the pain is ridiculous and the swelling is annoying as heck! Ill keep this site update as to how the pain and swelling are coming along.

Side notes: during surgery they gave me Clindamycin because I am allergic to penicillin. Apparently I am allergic to Clindamycin as well so I went into a few complications after surgery. Currently my diet has been shakes, smoothies and mashed potatoes. I haven’t had to wire my jaw shut and they said I wont need to. I found out the pain killers don’t do anything because the pain of a broken jaw is too intense.

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  1. Hows that jaw of yours? Poor guy :(

    Get better soon bud.

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