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Ryan Glynn/ November 22, 2010/ Personal/ 5 comments

Not really sure what to write here, I kind of added this just because it seems to be the cool new thing to do for us kids these days. I know when my jaw surgery starts in December I will be covering that since I was rather disappointed in the lack of information available to people looking for the effects and process of the jaw surgery. As well as if I end up traveling to the Middle East (Jordan) next year, I might be writing about that. But besides that, the posts will probably just be random rants on random topics. So if you stumble upon this, please let me know what you think!

I guess what I will start off this blog with a post about thought, mainly in regards to music. I guess the main thing that bothers me about most mainstream music now is the fact that the lyrics are no longer the focus of the content. I guess, one could argue that they never really have. Considering songs in the 1970’s and 1980s mainly deal with drug use or this Hollywood-esque style of love.

I just find it so odd that artists even bother putting in lyrics now, when the majority of people who become famous, have the most run-of-the-mill and dry lyrics. Lady Gaga, Kesha, Kanye, Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift are all applicable to this statement. Lady Gaga has barely any type of coherent thought in her lyrics; Lil Wayne’s songs are comprised entirely of 16 bar punch-lines. Of course, I must give credit to main-stream artists who do put actual thought into their lyrics; Eminem and Radiohead come to mind. It isn’t even really about a taste of music either. I don’t like Radiohead’s music, the tunes aren’t for me but the lyrics are intelligible.

Perhaps it just has to do with people wanting to just dance to music and not actually be provoked about anything. Or perhaps it’s because people don’t usually like to think about subjects in general. They just go through the day doing the same thing all day long and come home and watch mindless Jersey Shore. That isn’t really a stab at anyone either, it’s just a noticeable trait I have observed. I have probably two people I know that actually enjoy thinking about issues and aspects of life. To me, thinking and imagination is more beautiful than a nice beat and makes life so much more than this monotonous daily cycle. Of course this is just my perspective, and there is no reason to attribute negative connotations to people of different opinions on a very subjective matter.

Maybe I am just curious if there are more people out there who love to just contemplate life. Are there a lot of people out there who stay up at 2:00am thinking about the multiple ways to solve a complex problem? Or possibly just thinking about the way a computer system operates or how you can alter something about it to make it better?

People seem to love sleep, I don’t really like it. Dreaming in sleep is nowhere near the same as dreaming while you’re awake. The dreams during your sleep tend to make no sense and don’t really serve a purpose. While dreaming while awake, for me it’s usually the time most people are sleeping, is full of purpose and so many possibilities! It could change your future, someone else’s future or even the world’s future. It is what makes innovative ideas; it is what causes alternative solutions to a problem that nobody really thought about. My blog/website doesn’t get more than 14 views a day so I doubt anyone will respond to this, but I am curious, if you are out there… what are your thoughts?

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  1. I agree with everything except the part about Jersey Shore. douche.

  2. Ryan, this is very insightful, even read aloud over a table at steak and shake. Please post more, I look forward to reading the thoughts of a person who gets even less sleep than I do.

  3. Hey I like Jersey Shore and Taylor Swift and sleeping :'(

  4. Kanye actually writes really, really interesting lyrics, and he’s a brilliant producer. And your question about bands’ motivation for writing poetic lyrics when popular music is devoid of them presupposes that all they want to do is become successful. I think lots of bands just like making music and writing lyrics to express themselves. And I think you’re a little too cynical – Bieber didn’t get a grammy this year, Arcade Fire did.

    1. Been meaning to respond to this, it was a bit cynical towards Kanye as I was basing my perception on the few songs that I have heard from him. Thanks for the comment though, hope all is well with you!

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