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CinemaRama: A New Commercial Licensing Website for Artists In All Genres– No Signup Fee

August 19th, 2014

For acting, video, photography, music, lyrics, writing, design, sound, editing—all phases of art that it takes for any production, now there is a central website where artists can showcase their talents, collaborate with others to complete their projects, buy or sell different components—and it costs nothing to sign up and begin on CinemaRama.

Richmond, VA (PRWEB) May 13, 2014

While Ryan Glynn was getting his college degree in Cyber Security at Penn State, he started doing some web design projects for local artists. These projects soon evolved into the opportunity to manage some local rock bands. One of his bands got a contract with a major label, then when success did not come quickly enough they got dropped by the major label. Going through this experience is what started this young entrepreneur’s journey to create a place online for artists to display their talents and buy, sell and collaborate without the obligation to a giant organization’s “formula for success.”

The CinemaRama website recently launched and it is billed as “A Media Hub for Artists, Publishers and Producers.” The vision is for CinemaRama to be a media market for independent artists, a web concentration of talents that can be easily acquired through direct negotiations with the artists themselves. A rock band can find that album cover artist. A videographer can pair his work with the perfect music. Writers and lyricists and composers can display samples of their work to facilitate contact for similar work needed by someone else. Stock images can be bought and sold; designers can answer inquiries directly. No middle man–just the people with the complementary skills collaborating only with each other.

“I built websites for emerging artists and I saw that some situations were the same for them all” said Ryan Glynn, founder and CEO of CinemaRama. “They needed help getting exposure for their particular talent, and they needed help with the process of buying, selling, and contracting. Traditional venues and processes were very expensive. It was the age-old paradox of ‘need it but can’t afford it’”, he explained, and the notion of a website to deal with this issue was born. Glynn was himself an emerging young businessman who had already experienced the lure of venture capital and the lessons there. An influx of outside cash could mean partnership, or was the real goal acquisition? For Glynn, the real goal was all about providing quality service rather than obtaining huge money, as reported in a recent interview published in Forbes. (See Forbes article from February 5, 2014.)

As the outline for the services of CinemaRama came together, then the search for the right web designer began, also with the paradox of ‘need it but can’t afford it.’ Glynn found Mike Wandzilak and Wandzilak Web Design after an internet search. “I was delighted to have the opportunity to design this site,” Wandzilak stated. “Web design is also art, and I’ve been through the strain of creating my art and at the same time working on the marketing and the bookkeeping. Designing CinemaRama has been a positive collaboration because Ryan and I agree absolutely on the mission of the website.”

There is no fee to sign up. The licensing and artist agreements detail that CinemaRama holds no rights to the art uploaded, only the rights to license and sell items on the site. The CinemaRama cut from a sale cannot be more than 20%, and that fee is determined by how much is sold. The more an artist sells, the smaller the cut to CinemaRama.

Ryan Glynn confirms, “Everything in CinemaRama has been tested by artists, and we state at the bottom of the site that every artist is encouraged to contact us, especially if there is a suggestion as to how to make CinemaRama better. Everyone here is intrinsically involved in improving the entertainment industry.”

About CinemaRama

CinemaRama is a concept built around the understanding of all the art forms needed to produce a great film: design, direction, writing, editing, acting, sound, special effects, images, movement, color, music, sets—and the list goes on. Founder Ryan Glynn has created a hub for independent artists to showcase their work for the purpose of buying, selling and collaborating on a larger production through one-to-one communication, rather than through large and heavily regulated conglomerations.

For the original version on PRWeb visit:

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2012: Year of the…. Everything

February 22nd, 2012

Wow, it’s been forever since I actually wrote anything here. So much has happened and so much to cover so lets just dive in.

Jaw Surgery Update
Well it has been about 14 months since I had my jaw surgically broken. The swelling went away halfway through the summer last year, I never made a post about it though because I was working in New York City at the time and then just kind of forgot. There are still a few issues with this whole thing though. For one, I get random pain in my jaw, kind of like a foot cramp but for my jaw — an annoyance more than anything. Secondly, the surgeon said I might never get my feeling back in the right side of my face/jaw area which kind of sucks. Shaving sucks because of this — feels like my face is asleep and its highly uncomfortable. On top of this, my brain apparently still doesn’t know that my jaw is smaller than it used to be so I constantly wake up with my bottom lip having teeth indents and cuts from biting in my sleep. Overall though, things are back to normal.

Arabic Popularity
One thing that I didn’t expect to happen is my Arabic keyboard apparently blew up in the popularity charts and the internet search results. The comments section is much larger than I ever would have anticipated along with the amount of emails I get from people (thanks for the support!). This in turn has caused people to actually find the rest of my nonsensical rantings on this site which makes moderating this place even more interesting. Downloads of the keyboard are already in the 4 figures now which is impressive in my mind!

Well, I now own 4 domains!,, and a fourth which will be revealed in the coming time (due to reasons that will be explained below). In terms of Step Zero, they finally got radio play following the unfortunate death of my dear friend Aric Fleury (who was in the band). Unexpected death, but I’d rather not dwell on the negatives, he would want me focusing on the positives such as radio play and… hollywood! Me along with my friend and other Step Zero band member Martin Harp have been in talks with some people from Hollywood, what all do they want? Not really sure at this point, we have another meeting on Thursday but hopefully it will help Step Zero get some recognition despite their studio album will be the last bit of music they make. It’s rather exciting though especially because I love just watching growth of events like this so I will have to post more on this as it comes out. and don’t really have much going on (besides this site’s burst in popularity and page rank).

My fourth website is a project/business venture I am starting with some of the most innovative and intelligent people I know. If all goes according to plan it could really change the future of the music and movie industry (which, I really hope it does). With MPAA and RIAA pursuing ridiculous legislation such as SOPA, ACTA and the new one that is under the guise of “anti-pornography” I really want to be a driving force in giving artists (Filmmakers, musicians and designers) more power and taking it away from large organizations like RIAA, MPAA and major labels. I have to thank a lot of my work with Step Zero for this, after putting up with WWE Music Group (sub-label of Warner Music) with Step Zero I just grew more and more despised with how artists are treated. Their refusal to adapt to technology and their refusal to change their business model has been begging for someone to come in to slap them in the face and ruin their abusive fun — I plan on being this change. More details on this later when I am able to actually discuss what is going on.

Despite all the fiascoes last semester, I was able to come through with some positives. I was on CNN Headline News last November talking about the ridiculousness of the media and their focus on irrelevant issues. I proceeded with job interviews all last semester and ended up with a total of eight offers (crazy I know!) which was a tough decision, but after much thought, I decided to let go of my top secret security clearance and go to private business. I have become so ambivalent towards government work this past year that I really don’t want anything to do with them anymore. So I accepted a really cool job with Capital One in their IT Security division.

I’m now into my final semester, scary stuff. Ready to leave though. I’m moving to Richmond to work for Capital One which should be tons of fun! I’ll be back to State College periodically though, I’m trying to get on their campus recruiting so I can visit old friends while recruiting for Capital One at the same time. As far as classes are concerned this semester — they aren’t too bad considering I basically only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Gives me time to work on everything else I have been doing at least!

Well, my brother is getting married! Should be pretty cool, just a small wedding thing, I could’ve called this about 5 years ago considering his fiance and him have been dating since I was in middle school.

Politics — Thought I was Done With You?
Seriously, every time I think I should just give up on caring about what this country does on its path to self-destruction it keeps pulling me back in with its absurd behavior. SOPA didn’t pass luckily (bit late to the party I know). What irritated me about the protests though is that people were actually mad at wikipedia for taking a stand. It seems like apathy truly does police the populous. It’s so frustrating to see the common American get mad when a free service says “Help us out and keep us from being shutdown”. Are people really that lazy? People got mad at me for voicing my concern over SOPA for the past 5 months on Facebook/Twitter etc. It’s ridiculous how having strong opinions and wanting to protect the freedoms that we have are so frowned upon these days. Why is it that the people who find issues with policies and procedures are the ones who go under scrutiny? I could go on for hours but I wont.

Other political news — presidential election this year, big deal. I only care about the election for one reason now-a-days and that is because of people like Rick Santorum. This man is a freaking lunatic — why is he even in the running!? The presidential election should be between more than 2 parties anyways, but if I could have my way I would make it between Obama and Ron Paul. Ron Paul will not get the GOP nomination though because he isn’t even a Republican. Which brings us back to the issue of why the heck do we still have a two party system? It doesn’t work.

I had a lot more on my mind when I started writing this, but as usual, when I start writing I forget what I had planned to write about. I randomly got sick yesterday, not sure what’s going on since I’ve been on and off sick since October, not sure what else to write about so I’ll probably just post again if I remember.

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The State of the Internet: Losing Net Neutrality

July 23rd, 2011

Well, it has been a while. Living in New York City can really drain into your free-writing time. Originally, my next post was going to be about Google+ and the benefits of competition and what it does better/worse than Facebook. However, due to recent news and discussions with people, I decided to switch over to net neutrality. Side-note: Happy 1000th unique visitor to my page (Also almost 500 downloads of my Arabic keyboard!)!

What Is Net Neutrality?
The term, net neutrality, is a term used to describe something that (in my opinion) shouldn’t even have a term because of how basic, intuitive and “god-given” it should be. To put it in the most simplistic of terms, it says that all internet should be treated like a “dumb-tube”, a tube that has no knowledge of what any specific user is using their bandwidth for. Because of this lack of knowledge, it is then unable to discriminate between the user who streams videos from netflix and say, another user who discriminates from Hulu. At this point, it should all sound fine and dandy. Users get their internet, providers get their money for providing (technically distributing but whatever) the internet. Everyone is happy, right? Unfortunately, as of the past few years, ISPs aren’t happy..neither is RIAA but they should have no say in the matter.

The Argument to Discriminate
The argument presented by ISPs to justify throttling/discrimination of packets used by people performing specific actions (i.e. torrenting) or “consuming all the bandwidth” (for Comcast it is going over 250GB in a month on their highest plan). They state that: 1) illegal actions should be allowed to be discriminated against, and 2) hogging all the internet is not fair to other paying customers.

Let’s start with the first statement, probably one of the most beaten dead horses you could run into when it comes to the internet. It has been shown, explained, and reiterated so many times but I will state it once more: torrenting is not illegal, it is the files that one torrents that make it illegal. Torrenting is merely a method to distribute files efficiently and effectively (just ask, among many other companies, Blizzard Entertainment). This argument is just so absurd, dated, and ignorant that I am not going to delve deeper into this.

The second argument makes sense when you look at it from a face value. However, realize that they are arguing to discriminate against types of network traffic (i.e. watching Netflix vs being on Facebook). Now ask yourself, if there is network congestion and issues with too many people using the “same tubes” in an area, why should they bother discriminating? It would make much more sense to fully throttle everyone to a specific speed at peak hours (i.e. being reduced to 4mbps during peak hours and then have everyone restored to regular speeds when congestion dies down). Well, it’s been proven time and time again that the ISPs actually don’t usually have congestion problems when they throttle, they just state they do: The recent judge ruling against Comcast covers this more [1].

The Problem Today
So if net neutrality is in place, then what’s the problem? The problem is that the near-duopoly that is the wireless carriers in the US combined with the home ISP setup and constant lobbying from companies in the aforementioned area are starting to see progress in net neutrality regression. Earlier this year FCC commissioner Meredith Baker left the FCC to be vice president of government affairs at Comcast [2]. What’s the issue? Shortly before leaving, Meredith Baker was one of the four members of the FCC who approved Comcast’s deal to acquire NBC Universal. The problem with this? Al Franken and Craig Aaron put it best:

“When the same company owns the content and the pipes that deliver that content, consumers lose,” -Franken

“This is just the latest–though perhaps most blatant–example of a so-called public servant cashing in at a company she is supposed to be regulating, no wonder the public is so nauseated by business as usual in Washington, where the complete capture of government by industry barely raises any eyebrows.”-Aaron

The other issues come from the likes of Verizon and AT&T (while Sprint is a player in this game, they are too small and their network relies too much on other players to create a large enough of an effect). Verizon and AT&T have argued and lobbied that wireless internet (phone data plans) are different because they simply do not have the networks to handle high amounts of traffic. This has allowed them to do various actions, which should anger the American public.

Two of the main recent changes that irritate me currently are the recent introduction of extra charges for phone tethering and tiered data plans with no “unlimited data” option (and extremely absurd prices). The first portion, is just blatant milking of something that should be free and something that (in my opinion) is not justifiable.

Mobile tethering, for those who don’t know, is essentially connecting your phone’s data connection to another product (such as your laptop) this data still goes through your phone, all it does is enable you to use your laptop/tablet whatever you want to have internet in areas where you might not have a free connection. The data still even counts against your data plan (before they switched it over to two separate plans). This goes back to net neutrality. It should not matter what my data does, what I am doing with it, or where it is going. I paid for my (now grandfathered) unlimited data plan from Verizon and I expect to be able to use it in any which way I please.

Tiered data is just a step in the wrong direction. The prices are ridiculously high ($30 for 2GB, $50 for 4GB, $80 for 10GB), keep in mind my unlimited data plan that I am grandfathered into is $30 for unlimited. On top of this, they are still charging for text messages. Text messages are just like any other portion of data, except very small. The fact that “unlimited” text messages costs $20/mo is just wrong. I would be *okay* with $5/month. I say *okay* because it is still charging customers for essentially nothing, but it is a much smaller profit margin per consumer than $20. To put it this way, text messages are about 5kb a message. Say you send and receive 5,000 text messages a month:

5,000 * 5kb = 25,000 kb ~= 25mb.

So, sending 5000 text messages are equal to 1/3 of Verizon’s current smallest data plan ($10 for 75mb). 5000 is a lot of messages, about 7 texts an hour, every hour, all day, every day. If “data” can be bought for $10 for 15,0000 text messages, then why are texting plans $20?

Obviously its profit margins “because they are a business looking to make money, not a charity”. To be blunt, this statement pisses me off. There is a difference between a company making money and a company slapping you in the face while punching you in the gut with prices. I understand companies making money, but the way American companies attempt to save every cent they can while at the same time extorting everything they can from the customers is just saddening. The UK is known for having much better plans and customer treatment (before you tell me to move there, I plan to).

“Vote with Your Wallet”

I hate this statement as well. Not because I don’t agree with it, but because in regards to wireless carriers, you can’t. Where do you go? AT&T? They do the same thing. T-Mobile? They are being bought by AT&T [3]. Sprint? I don’t get service where I live with them. These same issues can be applied to ISPs as well. The problem is, when the public can’t vote with their wallet, and the government won’t stop the companies from treating us like absolute crap, what more is there to do? The FCC isn’t on our side anymore; they are all lobbied by telecom companies and continually have shown that they do what interests their wallets and not the public. I am all for capitalism, but without any regulation companies end up becoming too large and powerful and dictate what the customers will pay and won’t pay.

The Other Source of the Problem: Apathy

Another problem with the customers who do care having any effect is the apathy and ignorance of the larger portion of the country towards the issue. The sad part is, if you even understand net neutrality, you are already in the minority of the population. The majority of the population just listens to what the corporations tell them, and they accept it. They don’t question whether there actually is a problem with bandwidth consumption nor do they realize that text messages are data. As with all things tech, these issues aren’t really cared about. The ones that do care are in no position to fight it, no leverage to grab the attention of the majority. Which is where the FCC was supposed to come in and save the day from unruly treatment from these gigantic corporations. These same corporations, who say that it costs them too much money for unlimited data, just reported record profits [4]. Here’s an idea, why don’t they use some of the billions in revenue to build better networks? Of course, they have no incentive to. Why should they care then the population does not? Why should they waste their profits improving something that they can just use an excuse to extort the customers? I don’t know where US internet is going to be in the coming years, but at the rate it has been going in the past few years, I enjoy living here less and less.

[1] – Ars Technica seems to have deleted their article on this (or I can not find it at the moment). I will update accordingly.
[2] –
[3] –
[4] –

More Information:

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Updates Galore!

June 27th, 2011

I have really been slacking here. This post will cover 3 months of crazy news, so I am unsure if I will just be blunt and not write much about each topic. Either way, I guess I will break it down into sub-categories.

Jaw Surgery Update
So, as with the majority of my blog posts, there is an update with my jaw surgery from December (see earlier posts by clicking jaw surgery if you’re just joining me). Although this update is more about me essentially almost dying from infections. Basically, in early May, my face started swelling again. Turned out I had infected tissue. The surgeon removed it as soon as I went in for the check-up (the pain killers didn’t work either so it was not a very enjoyable experience). He had to cut down to my bone and remove the tissue along the right side of my face (no actual structural change).

They thought after this, everything would be fine. Apparently not. Three weeks later during a required check-up they find more infected tissue. At this point my surgeon tells me he has to put me under in order to fully ensure that he removed all the tissue. I get put under two days later. Turns out, one of the bolts that was placed into my bone from the original surgery was causing the infection. He removed all three bolts on the right side along with some infected bone and tissue and so far so good!

Now, if you are a person who was worried about having a bad experience with this surgery. Keep in mind this infected tissue issue is extraordinarily rare. The fact that it was one of the bolts is even more rare. The original surgery went really smoothly and wasn’t too hard of a process (just make sure you follow their directions exactly). If you want more information on the entire process, please visit my other posts on the subject matter. You can filter by subject matter on the right side of the page. Older posts even include swelling pictures of before and after my lower jaw surgery.

Internship/New York City
So on top of this, I am working for KPMG this summer as an IT Consultant (IT Enabled Transformation). I have been living in New York City for this internship for the past 4 weeks. So far, I love the city. I have gotten used to how to get around and gotten used to how to walk and the social norms of NYC.

As for the internship, it has its pluses and minuses so far. Positives first: I am learning a lot, the pay is nice, I am being treated just like one of the team, my engagement team is astounding and very helpful. There is only really one con, but unfortunately for my own aspirations it is a rather big con. The IT Consulting is not as “tech heavy” as I would have originally hoped. I am learning a lot about controls, documentation, and implementation but where it is lacking is understanding the tech systems and the processes and securities of said systems. This is partially due to me being placed into technology implementation (and working for a client on wall street). I am getting in touch with people in the security division (which apparently does do Pen Testing) and I hope I can get some questions answered there. Otherwise, I am really happy to be here this summer. Really happy to finally have a job that doesn’t involve working for bare minimum wage and being treated as a little kid.

The Future
Ah yes, it wouldn’t be a post by me if it didn’t incorporate a portion devoted to my pondering of the future. I am fighting between continuing my education for at least one more year (Master’s degree in Information Assurance) or just going straight into the industry. There is also a third option of getting my Master’s part time while working full time in the industry.

A big plus to just going for a 1 year full time master’s is so that I can get another summer internship with another company so that I can be more sure of where I want to work professionally. Although this presents the problem of paying for a year in Master’s school. As much as I want to jump right into a full time job, I really want to make sure I am working at the right place so I am hesitant to just jump right in after graduation with only one true professional internship under my belt at the moment. I will have to update this subject matter when I fully decide (within the next few months I guess).

Have some new projects going on, so if anyone wishes to help in making some small change, let me know!

First one is I need someone who is skilled in app development for android, iOS, or any mobile system really. The app development is rather easy as it will just pull information from a new website that will be announced after its completed (so there aren’t any people who take my idea). It currently involves 4 people and should be able to bring in quite some change if everything goes according to plan.

Secondly, I am wanting to get my CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) soon. Preferably before fall job searches start. It should be relatively easy as I have a few friends who are going to be studying with me and we have plenty of resources that should allow us to pass relatively quickly, but if anyone else has any additional information, let me know!

I think that’s all I have for now, I am typing this really early in the morning so it is probably full of typos and incorrect grammar. I will fix it tomorrow after work. Too tired right now, good night.

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