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Welcome to RyanGlynn.com – blog about my life, all things cyber security (or cyber as they now call it), and various other topics. Take a look around, leave a comment if you wish.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to RyanGlynn.com

  1. came for arabic 103.
    Read your interesting blogs.

    i would like to contemplate life
    and comprehend it on a broader scale as well.
    Thought you ought to know

    PS: arabic 2/2+ ??

    • Thank you! I am glad you read them and enjoyed my posts :).

      As for the Arabic 2/2+, it is a government fluency rating (goes up until 5 on some scales, other scales are maxed at 3). 2/2+ basically means I can hold conversations with native speakers on most general topics but I can not do many advanced conversations.

    • I took 3 years of German a while back and when I entered into college I didn’t want to continue that language so I tried out Arabic because I was looking into government work as well. I liked the language so I have stuck with it my entire college career. I am testing my new comment notification system so hopefully you are now notified when I reply to your comments.

  2. What did you like about arabic?

    yeah hopefully cz i aint that net savvy.

    Eid Mubarak! (think arabic taught u what is Eid)

    • The language as a whole is just really interesting! I love how different it is from English, and the way word meanings can be understood from the roots is really cool.

      I am not very good with phonetic typing so I am not sure what that means =/.

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